Anthony Weiner Needs To Make Adult Films Already

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You know, if Anthony Weiner was going to get busted this many times, he should have just started making movies and he’d probably avoid a lot of trouble.

With all of these corruption cases and accusations it really makes you wonder who is taking care of your kids and your cities. If you can’t trust these guys that are supposedly an open book, who CAN you trust?  There’s always about some teacher/student sex scandal, bad naked selfies, or a corrupt cop who stole some pot in the headlines.  Why do people in positions of power always seem to be screwing up? Do we just have our standards too high? Where do we draw the line that some of these things are nobodies business?  “So the guy cheated on his wife a few times, remember that wicked kids program he funded?”  It’s kinda hard to hate the good guy, that’s how campaign marketing usually works.

Until you have PROOF of a scandal. That’s when things get messy.

Just yesterday you had Anthony “do you wanna look at my” Weiner in his third sex scandal. Remember this is the guy who was in congress in 2011 when it first happened and then resigned. Two years later he was running for mayor of New York City when the NEXT scandal came out AS he was campaigning. But Anthony is a high stakes kinda guy so he didn’t drop out of the race and lost the whole thing horrible with a donzo 5% of the vote.  Then the dude becomes a consultant/lobbyist making tons of money pretty much doing the same thing as it HAPPENS A THIRD TIME.  His wife can’t pull a third Clinton on this one and she has to leave him, as was announced today.  

In a local case back in June you had one principle of a school in Edinburg send out a naked selfie and she was suspended. I guess that was the pound of flesh required by the public because we never heard about that story again or where she ended up. We don’t even know how the picture officially leaked, or who it was supposed to go out to. Not that it’s any of our business, is it?

That might be the ethical question here in both cases:

“How public does a public official have to be before getting judged for their sins??”

None of us might not ever know what really happened.  Though imagine that which gets reported may just be a trickle of what actually goes on. Think the last time you ever told a lie and tried to keep it going, no matter how small. Now think about what the biggest players and liars on the planet are capable of doing compared to actually what’s getting reported. That rabbit hole goes way too deep.

So the “Drip Drip Drip”, continues on our public officials. Tax returns anyone? Emails anyone? Gary Johnson doesn’t smoke pot anymore? Next you’re gonna tell me Anthony is gonna take up golfing with Tiger Woods and Ozzy Osbourne.

Now that the Weiner is free of Huma, he is free to go out and appear on with all the fake women he wants and he won’t have a stigma anymore! In fact, maybe he knows who to get the right government subsidies from too!

If you really wanna see what’s going on with Weiner and the girl he was messing with, here’s the NSFW link

In no particular order here are some of the sources and examples we used as inspiration.

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