Damned If You Do and Damned If You Don’t! (Campaign 2016)

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Damned if you do, damned if you don’t! Welcome to the world of politics!  If you’re able to pull yourself away from all the mudslinging in the current election, let’s pretend everyone is slinging the mud at you for a second.  

Let’s say you’re the GOP nominee Donald Trump where you’ve made a name for yourself early for having a strong immigration platform.   You’re getting criticism from the left for being a racist and to the right you’re the best thing since Ronald Reagan.  Great start. As the months go by some people on the right are starting to think you’re making the party look bad.  You’re getting scrutinized over having this strong immigration stance among other things and not having a real plan. On the flip side another part of your campaign people like is that you’re a businessman who likes to make deals.  So after all the scrutiny one day you decide to tell people, I’m still gonna deport people and build a wall, but I wanna go into detail and say that I’m not targeting everyone and that a one size fits all policy might not be the best idea.  Suddenly the people on the right hear “Trump is getting soft” as the headline.  In an instant the whole “I’m a businessman who makes deals” demeanor doesn’t mean anything anymore because it’s not the right deal.  Ann Coulter, who has been your biggest cheerleader since day one is disappointed in you.  You look at the people on the left and they’re saying “I still hate him, this changes nothing”. As you get on the Trump Force One, you find out there really is no pleasing everyone.  
Gary Johnson is another great example, this was a guy who seemed like didn’t really want to run at all until Austin Petersen came along and wanted to become the new face of the Libertarian Party.  Johnson couldn’t have that happen yet so he ran and won.  So now Libertarians are so happy that they have a horse in the race against two of the most unpopular candidates in history.  The only drawback is that Johnson has been going back on a lot of Libertarian ideals that are deal breakers for a lot of Libertarians.  Things like Weld’s stance on guns, Johnson’s ideas on cake baking, carbon taxing, mandatory vaccinations, and getting cozy with the members of the mainstream GOP who are suddenly ALL FOR the Libertarians now that Ron Paul isn’t a part of the picture.

Libertarians are now split into two camps: “The Purists” and the “Who cares who the Libertarian is, we have a chance now!” camp.  

There really is no way to make everyone happy on the campaign trail this season.  So when you’re seeing these headlines come out, remember that it’s really really hard running for office and getting everyone to like you.  Unless you’re Hillary Clinton, NOBODY likes her.

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