The Riot community is looking at the newest controversy since the big relegation scandal.  The co-founder of Riot Games decided to scold the team owner of the Number 1 LoL team in North America after being exposed himself in restrictive business practices.  Now at the center of this lies the question of franchising and allowing more sponsor access to content. As it stands right now, if you look at a Riot tournament and compare that to a “HYPER X EPIC MONSTER INTEL NON STOP ACTION CS GO CHAMPIONSHIP SPONSORED BY RAZER ZOWIE AND CORSAIRRRRRR” then you see where the differences could be.

There’s drawbacks to this of course. The Riot events have a level of purity to them that is translated across the board, but it’s also lacking that “ESPN” style of flare. We’re used to seeing “It’s time for another SKITTLES replay, TASTE THE RAINBOW” and embedded ads (not Twitch ads, live broadcast ads) everywhere.  It really does add for more revenue to come in through the eSports side that Riot claims they are hemorrhaging money on. If they really wanted for players to get more money, with as many knots Riot has put on the hose, they are the ones to facilitate it.

Another thing being addressed is the patch cycle where as I mentioned last year, is bonkers.  I won’t go further into that because I pretty much cover all of that there. It’s the same thing though, right before playoffs, there’s a new game-changing patch. Regi is saying everyone is kept in the dark about what’s in each patch, how often they come out, and why they come out during the most inopportune times in a season.  There’s plenty of comments out there on it.

Where it all started, including Co-Founder Marc Merrill’s comments

Regi’s Response

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