Thanksgiving Is Coming, So Prepare For Memes

Thanksgiving is coming and a ton of memes talking about invading Europeans during the time of America’s discovery are popping up.  With the Donald Trump anti-immigration message putting the topic in the spotlight everyone seems to have an opinion on a topic they’ve never given much thought to before.  So thenceforth, the memes came. Why? Because they take little thought, can make a great rhetorical point, and you can’t argue with the maker of it because it’s anonymous. Then lesser minds say “Ha! That’s funny. So true.” and keep the stupidity going.  A lot of these people think that they are really giving it to the Donald Trump supporters and those who oppose illegal immigration.   Really, you’re sticking your foot in your mouth.  How many over-privileged people who want their government assistance or their free college, healthcare, iPhone, etc, would be willing to leave the country, in the ultimate act of affirmative action and become an American refugee?


Take the above meme for example.  I am 100% sure that these people walk around in malls and think “Man, we killed the Indians for this.” right before walking into Abercrombie & Fitch or a Hot Topic to fund the capitalistic machine they supposedly hate so much by buying a band tee.
Who would be first in line to go, and where would you go?


And then there’s this one.  The logical fallacy here is that they presume the Indians had “immigration laws” to begin with and that we all came here illegally.  Remember the Indians had feuds between tribes all the time, and things weren’t even close to peaceful. Why do you think they had territories?  It wasn’t the United States of Native Americans, where all of the Indians got along and hung out smoking peyote. They had some of the bloodiest wars the land has ever seen.  Even truer to today’s human characteristics.  If you an your friends are chilling out, and some dude is cool and wants to chill with you, you’d probably let him. But if you disagree or if the new visitors were wrecking the place you’d say: “Man F$#@ that guy.”  The Native Americans were the same way!  Tribes were fighting over land and resources all the time! Sources say the winners would enslave the losers! It was human nature to do these things at the time! (Though you could make a case about economic slavery but that’s another topic) And you can bet that once the white man came over from Europe, plenty of tribes that hated each other came together and said: “Hey remember that fight we had over those buffalo a few weeks ago?  Help me burn down that camp and we’ll call it even.”

Seeing as I don’t think anyone is going anywhere, I think we all need to calm down and have a different discussion. Even the Pope says you can’t judge the past based on current standards, or something like that.

So let’s admit:

1) People that just walk over, are doing it illegally.
2) It is an economic impossibility to round up over 11 million people to deport them.
3) We need a way to assimilate and educate, explaining the civic system of America before we start passing out the green cards.

One thing the founders wanted to defend against was a mass exodus altering an election.  The constitution was designed to make progress slow. We would stretch out every thought and make sure the country wanted to make a huge policy decision.  A similar idea about assimilation is reflected in the criteria for president. They want someone who has lived in their entire country, legally, from birth, to lead the country. Anyone else just wouldn’t understand the place.  Some people might find that offensive. But if you lived in your home your entire life, and suddenly some neighbors barged in, trashed the place(intentionally or unintentionally) and started telling you how to run the house. I’m sure you’d be at least a LITTLE upset.

I’ll come back to this soon. There’s more to flesh out.

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Co-Creator of 4 years Broadcasting. Opinions are my own and do not reflect anything but empty trolls and ZERO cake. :D

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