Fun Fact About Mass Shootings And Chicago Violence

I was talking with some friends today and I found out a neat stat.  If you take all of the victims of mass shootings over the past 31-ish years(since 1984) There have only been around 372 deaths.  Now if you compare this to Chicago’s 2015 murder count up to right now (Nov)  It’s 405.  I found this info at the website. They have a murder timeline there that memorializes all of the people that have died due to shooting/stabbings plus a bunch of other stats.

Moving on to the Mass Shootings list, I found that info at The LA TIMES, grabbed a calculator and counted all of the victims.  Now if you count all of the injured people that are there the number of people directly affected goes way up, but I’m 100% certain that the yearly injured number would go up as well.

Another fun fact from the LA TIMES article, those mass shootings happen in schools, public places, or workplaces.  Schools don’t have any means of fighting back or neutralizing a would-be attacker.  Public places are second on the lack-of-security-but-still-might-have-a-concealed-carrier-in-the-area, and then you have workplaces, where security may vary, the attacker probably already has keys and those people that work there aren’t exactly expecting an attack during their probably dull 9-5 shift.

I don’t want to make a point about gun control but I can say that if anyone who is carrying a weapon and sees a man firing at their co-workers and sees they may be next, you can bet they will be looking for a place to line up a safe shot.  Everyone else is either begging or looking for cover. Police aren’t even a factor except to fill out the paperwork afterwards at this point.

Schools have perimeter fences for the most part but you aren’t going to see men with semi-auto rifles in watch towers. Even then, schools aren’t exactly bullet proof.  And if you’ve seen enough videos on the internet of unruly students, I don’t know 100% that arming teachers would help that.  Aside from the standard 2nd amendment right to carry arms and defend yourself that is.  #ShallNotBeInfringed.

While we’re talking about that, and I’ll make this brief, the 2nd amendment is about giving your individual, sovereign, person the ability to protect your life at all times no matter where you are and no matter who your opponent may be.  You want to talk rights? No one has the right to prevent you from protecting yours.

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