Rito Needs To BREATHE And Follow The NFL (Pt. 1)

Listen along with the story:

It’s summertime. It’s hot outside, and RITO of all people NEEDS TO CHILL!

Here are some RITO numbers for you: 7, 14, 204, 126.

7 is the number of months we’ve been in Season 5.
14 is the number of updates we’ve had since January 21st, the season opener.

204 is the estimated number of items we currently have in the item shop.  (I didn’t count every single one because I’m lazy.)

126 Is the current number of champs.  All of them are as diverse as they are the same.

Now if you could break down the game dynamics down from static to X-Factors, you would have Summoner’s Rift, the items, and then the X-Factors which would be the champs.  All of these elements have changed in one way or another at least once during the entire 7 months we’ve been in season 5.

The season started January 21st. Each update happens around every two weeks on average.   A few of those changes have been major, new items, champ reworks, buffs/nerfs, etc.

Why did I bring all of this up? RITO and other similar entities have been wanting to have eSports grow into a larger blip on the global radar and be taken more seriously as a sport. Here’s where we make the grand comparison.

Take a look at the NFL as an example. They don’t implement any changes to their rules or regulations until the off season. Imagine if they started messing with “Game Balance” from week to week?

“Yes Pat, this week players are going to have to deal with a 15% reduction in the size of the end zone and a 15% increase to the distance from the goal posts. That means they’re going to be further back and  aiming at a smaller target.” (#LONGLIVEJOHNMADDEN)


Could you imagine the NFL saying:

“The defensive line is getting too tanky and there aren’t enough passing plays in the game right now. We’re going to open it up so that now anyone can throw a pass beyond the line of scrimmage. #Kappa”. 

A perfect example is this article from the NFL on extra points. They aren’t going to do it mid season, they are going to do it before the 2015 season along with any tweaks they may have. These things take a lot of deliberation and are implemented slowly. Very slowly. Like, once a year slowly. RITO on the other hand seems to have a rowdy, impatient group of twelve-year-olds to answer to or else they get the cyber pitchforks.

I understand they need to find ways to keep the game fresh and keep their income up, but all of these changes during a season in the name of “balance”, including the new JUGGERNAUT reworks, might be starting to get out of hand with this release cycle they have.

Myself and other players are wondering when they are going to say “OK we’re done for right now.  Let everything simmer for a bit and next season we’ll look in to it.  See you in the off-season”.  Why not do all of this during the off-season instead of during a time when we’re trying to get our ranked games up or learn the game?  Or a mid season check up?  Not only would that create more hype from update to update to speculate about, but it would make good players better and newer players a little less overwhelmed about getting their footing in a game with so many variables.

Someday we might even be able to nerf Teemo…. Kappa.

These thoughts aren’t set in stone, nor are they the end of the discussion! Up Next In The Series:

How RITO needs to handle their talent, teams, and MERCH(Coming soon)

About Zak Cantu (42 Articles)
Creator of Zak Attacks The World with 7 years broadcasting experience. Opinions are my own and do not reflect anything but empty trolls designed for views. :D

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