RGV Corruption? You Don’t Say!

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You know it’s something we always talk about. How politics are corrupt and how the politicians are always the last ones to admit it.  A couple of things happened from Monday to Tuesday and I just had to talk about it.  First off, none of the people that I mention or quote in this article are under scrutiny nor are guilty of any illegal accusations from this writing. I say that because I don’t wanna get sued. I just wanna point out the humor in the situation.

Yesterday The Valley Morning Star compiled responses from Valley leaders who believed the new NPR series on RGV corruption would bring all sorts of negativity to us from the rest of the country AND Mexico.

They said things like:

“It’s important to understand that we’re not the only place that has public corruption,”
“…not unique to the Rio Grande Valley.”
“You can’t say (the Valley) is unique. We don’t have a corner on the market,
“It’s unfortunate regardless of whether it’s in the Valley, another part of Texas or the nation — power and authority can lead to abuse of power. That happens at all levels of government,”

“I don’t think the Valley is unique to that”
“It’s really hard to fathom that what we experience here is any different — these (corruption) cases happen everywhere.”

Typical politico speak right?

In other words: “Why draw attention to it?  Yeah you should expect public corruption.  Why are you peasants complaining about us doing it? Everyone else does it!  It’s all levels of government, It’s not just here. Why are you surprised?  Now everyone is going to think we’re up to something when we try to do literally ANYTHING. You just made us all look bad in front of our neighbors across the border too!”


KRGV comes out swinging with the headline: RGV IS THE MOST CORRUPT AREA IN THE U.S.

That wasn’t just a poke in the eye. That was a shot at the throat AND a knee to the groin.  Not only did they just say, “Oh yeah these guys yesterday are full of BS”; but “They were trying to downplay how bad it really is”.

Here’s a quote from the KRGV article:

The Rio Grande Valley is considered the most corrupt area in the country, according to the latest statistic from the U.S. Department of Justice.  The Valley has the highest number of federal public corruption convictions. In 2013, 83 cases received guilty verdicts or pleas.”

Remember that line I put in bold just above; “We don’t have a corner on the market”?

Yeah, that just happened… Awkward…..

Here are the links to the NPR stories:

With Corruption Rampant Good Cops Go Bad In Texas Rio Grande Valley

Corruption On The Border Dismantling Misconduct In The Rio Grande Valley

In Rio Grande Valley Some Campaign Workers Are Paid To Harvest Votes

The KRGV Article:

The Valley Morning Star Article:

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  1. WP Comrade // July 9, 2015 at 5:16 pm // Reply

    This reminds me of a quote that I read, don’t remember where. “Headline: Politician promises to lie less”

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