Jurassic World Is Coming! Ready Yourselves!

Set to release in a couple days, Jurassic World has set enormous expectations for itself.  Jurassic World director, Colin Trevorrow, now has the challenge of surpassing the work of the director of Jurassic Park/producer of Jurassic World, Steven Spielberg.  This is quite the goal to accomplish.  Loyal advocates of the Jurassic Series are anxiously waiting for the upcoming release this Friday, June 12.

Jurassic World is taken place quite some time after Jurassic Park, in a dinosaur theme park where safety is their upmost concern and priority.  As attendance is booming, the park decides to “up the ante” by genetically modifying an Indominus Rex.  Here’s where the movie gets interesting!  The Indominus Rex breaks free from its enclosure and goes on a rampage and attacks park patrons (whoa, didn’t see that coming).

Although Chris Pratt is supposed to be “main attraction” in the movie as the Dino Wrangler, the computer-generated Dinosaurs steal that spotlight from him on countless occasions.  Thanks to Mr. Pratt and his many talents, he helps the movie progress by making seemingly bad situations a lot worse for him and his fellow co-workers (we all know someone like that).

Want to know more?  Looks like you’re going to have to wait a couple more days like the rest of us!  So much hype!!!



Here’s a little more if you’re thirsty for it:


1 Comment on Jurassic World Is Coming! Ready Yourselves!

  1. TBH I’ve been having a problem with Chris Pratt coming off as a nonchalant hero in his recent movies tho. Guardians was great but this one seems like the whole movie is going to be set up around him being a dino badass. Still will be a great movie to watch though!!

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