SPLATOON! Squid Power!

Nintendo’s squid filled, action-packed, online multiplayer is the newest addition to Nintendo’s ever expanding gaming archive.  SPLATOON is the first “original” game Nintendo has released in the last decade.  A brand new idea has risen and it’s bigger, brighter, and full of hype!

This game has a Japanese inspired techno-neon feel to it.  You can choose to traverse the game in single-player mode or go for the initial idea of the online multiplayer mode.  Here you can converse and interact with all the other players.  You have complete control on how your in-game character will look by visiting the online shops and making the Splatoon virtual world your own.

Don’t take this game too lightly.  Although the initial look Splatoon gives off is rather cartoony and childish, this game is easy to get into but quite difficult to master.  For example, the clothes you decide to pick out for your in-game character will give added bonuses to speed, close-range combat, etc.

What do you all think? The idea is fresh, colorful, and full of life! Nintendo….JOB WELL DONE! I look forward to it!

Here’s some more insight:


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