No Future? NO PROBLEM!

If you ever felt hopeless in this economy maybe you should make your way to the nearest strip club in a new quest for fame and fortune.  At least that’s what the Little Darlings strip club in Las Vegas wants you to consider.  A sign has been in found, in the classic, stylish Vegas “yeah they would totally do that” tone calling for young women 18 and older, or ‘the Class of 2015″ to “Pay their way through college”.  Rick Marzullo the manager claims that the entertainers at his club make a grand a night, making this the perfect career alternative. If this media thing doesn’t work out I might pull out a water bra and give it a shot. That kind of money is good enough to forget about the degree.

Here’s how we got here:

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Creator of Zak Attacks The World with 7 years broadcasting experience. Opinions are my own and do not reflect anything but empty trolls designed for views. :D

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