EPA Turns Their Back On Environmentalists

It has happened! In a true snowball’s chance in hell moment, the Environmental Protection Agency has declared Thursday in a study that fracking, (you know, drilling holes into the planet sideways), has not affected drinking water in any significant or widespread way.  They essentially say that after 5 years of observation, they are aware of the potential threat to the drinking water that fracking poses. You know, because drilling sideways. But despite this, they have no evidence to lead them to believe that it has actually caused any harm.  Which is great for gas prices and the economy because the US is now numero uno in the world when it comes to producing oil and gas.  Now the question remains: How will Environmentalists act with the news? Will this new news embolden both sides to push the envelope?  If it’s been proven to be safe by the EPA, they must know what they are talking about right?

Let us know where we should go from here on this one.  Have you seen any groups react to this news?

Here’s the article that led us here:


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