Stuff 5-18-15

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It’s May 18th 2015 and here’s some stuff that happened today.

In light of recent events, the President is banning local police departments from getting military style equipment. That’s right no more grenade launchers or armored vehicles or bayonets. Which begs the question, what the hell were police doing with bayonets in the first place?

And speaking of the President he also took to twitter for the first time today with the @POTUS account. Makes you wonder who tweets from the 53.8 million(Correction: The number is 59.3. I was too lazy re-record that) follower @BarackObama account were coming from.

If you are curious why presidential candidates have to make a formal announcement before running for president, the ever so sneaky Jeb Bush has the reasoning for you. CNN bringing this one to light.

Capcom is trying to figure out how to squeeze money out of you… I mean figure out what games to develop HD remakes to.

The washington post presents a 10 year study of beetles making love to figure out what women see in men. Perverts.

Texas is advancing legistlation requiring cops to learn how not to shoot dogs….I don’t know if I should be glad they’re doing something or upset that they need a class to do it.

And shout-out to UTPA and Bronc Radio for 12 Intercollegiate Press Association awards for 2015 you da man Fred Mann.


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