420, Blaze it

It’s April 20th, 4-20, Unofficial National Blaze It Day. But where did the origin of the term come from? I got one from the HUFFington post (no pun intended…kinda) talking about the history of this one.

A group of people who want to be called “The Waldos” heard of a member of the Coast Guard who was abandoning a marijuana crop back in the 70’s. The Waldos received a map for it and the adventure began. They met at a Louis Pasteur statue, sparked one up and took off looking for the mother lode at 4:20 everyday. They would tell each other “4:20” as a reminder and that became their codeword. They never found the crop but that never stopped them from trying. Stoners these days keep that tradition up by losing their wallet and keys.

Since then things have changed for Marijuana legislation in the country. Polls favor the decriminalization or the full legalization of marijuana. A few senators have written bills pushing for legalizing the use of weed as medicine. Ben and Jerry’s has even paid tribute to the day by releasing their new “BRRRR-ito” specifically for the 420 audience. Anyway if you learned something from this I got a bunch of links for you at themess.tv for ya to sort through if you have the time and puff puff pass this along to anyone you might feel is interested. Just for responsibilities sake, total dad moment here, If you’re going to do it, respect the laws, and do it in moderation.

This is how we got here:
4-20 story

Cool 4-20 Stuff

Denver Cops say to be cool

Medical Marijuana Bill

One Dude’s Negative Experience With Pot And Video Games


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