Nintendo Has Problems

(Congrats to the first Official Post that we make. We don’t take any credit for the other stuff we have up as we get the site up and running.)

Nintendo’s got problems, but we knew that already. The latest shortage of Amiibo’s are creating one of the biggest bubbles on the gaming market today. Nintendo is keeping Amiibo supply short so that it creates more hungry, salivating, people to camp outside Amiibo dealers and stalk websites, causing accidental DDOS attacks.

Most of that money isn’t even going to Nintendo. It’s going to the black Amiibo scalper market. Some Amiibos are being sold for thousands of dollars on eBay! This isn’t the first time they do it either. They also did it for the Wii and more recently the Majora’s Mask version of the New 3DS. Not to mention they keep updating their “golden calf” hand-held so often that people are getting reluctant to buy. Nintendo’s profits have been down because of this but they refuse to shake up the organization to save it.

They’ve also lost a lot of great publicity with their new YouTube ‘creators program” due to YouTubers rejecting new Nintendo policies. Their saving grace? a super secret NEW gaming console that is supposedly going to revolutionize gaming, again, like the Wii, and the Wii-U… yeah… Meanwhile, I’m just sitting here PC master racing.

Here are some of the links that brought us to this point. (Sources)

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