More Derpery being added to the site as we mold it

Yes here we are in week 2 and a half of our current project and we want to thank everyone who has reached out in support of us and what we’re doing.  We wanna make sure this all works out well enough for everyone. You’ll see we tweaked and added a few things here and there as we learn how widgets works on WordPress and how we can use them to get the appearance we want.  (It sounds very abusive, but more abusive to us than the site u.u)  I forgot to mention that there’s only one official podcast on the audio player on the first page. The rest are there to test the playlist function.

About Zak Cantu (42 Articles)
Creator of Zak Attacks The World with 7 years broadcasting experience. Opinions are my own and do not reflect anything but empty trolls designed for views. :D

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