RGV DEA, Is This Really A Good Idea?

RIO GRANDE VALLEY – The Drug Enforcement Administration has a new way for people in the Valley to submit anonymous tips about suspected drug activity.

The program launched about a month ago and is called TIP411.

Anyone with a cell phone can text the number 847411 (TIP411). Start the text by typing RGV then the desired message. The entire message goes directly to a local DEA agent. The agent can then message back and forth in real time. Pictures and video can also be sent.

Assistant Special Agent in Charge Stephen Jenkins said, “This is a way for (the public) to anonymously provide the information to us and communicate back and forth with a DEA agent, via text message. Then, if at some point they no longer want to communicate with us, they can send the word stop in the message and all communication will be cut off with the agent.”

The DEA said with the software they use, it is impossible for them to see the phone number of the person submitting the tip. Once a person texts the word “stop”, the DEA has no way to get back in contact with the tipster.

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